Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Malay (Malaysia) Proverbs

Malay (Malaysia) Proverbs

As heavy as it looks, it is heavier to the shoulder that he carries the thing.
(meaning of proverb: as bad as some one's situation may seem, it is always worse for the person involved)

>>No matter how good a squirrel is jumping, sometimes it will fall
(meaning of proverb: no one is perfect,sometimes he makes a mistake)

>>Two multiply five, five multiply two
(meaning of proverb: whatever you do, it would give the same result)

>>If you lost at the end of the route, go back to the beginning of the route
(meaning of proverb: if you make a mistake or get stuck, you should start over)

>>If it rains stones in our country and rains gold in other people's countries,it is better to live in our country
(meaning of proverb: whatever reasons, it is better to live in own country)

>>The right hand shouldn't trust the left hand
(meaning of proverb: don't put too much trust in your friends)

>>Just like a dog and a cat
(meaning of proverb: two brothers cannot meet, they will fight when they meet)

>>Just like a crab, teaching its young how to walk straight
(meaning of proverb: parents advise their children to do the right thing, but they themselves don't do what they say)

>>A turtle lays thousands of eggs, nobody knows; but when a hen lays an egg, the whole village know
(meaning of proverb: some people do much things but don't show publicity; others who do small things but do much publicity)

>>Drink water while you swim
(meaning of proverb: do two or more jobs at the same time)

>>Don't try teach a duck how to swim
(meaning of proverb: don't try to teach a clever person)

>>The language you speak would tell us your race
(meaning of proverb: what you speak will show your behavioral to the persons yo speak to)

>>Like an enemy hiding under your blanket
(meaning of proverb: you enemy is with you, but sometimes you are not aware)

>>We have same black hair, but not the heart
(meaning of proverb: even though we have the same color of hair, but our heart or feeling are different)

>>When there is sugar, there are ants
(meaning of proverb: where there is prosperity in a place, outside people will come to join)

>>Friends to laugh with are many, friends to cry with are few
(meaning of proverb: you will know the sincere friends, when you are in trouble!)

>>If there is no rattan, roots will do
(meaning of proverb: if the things or tools cannot functioning, sometimes you can use other things/tools as altenative)

>>If you chop water, it won't separate
(meaning of proverb: members in a family will close to each other even though they encountered problems in the past)

>>No matter how good a squirrel is at jumping, sometimes it will fall
(meaning of proverb: how good you are in a particular subject, sometimes you make mistakes)

>>Whoever eats chilli gets burned
(meaning of proverb: people who make mistake should get the consequences)

>>Hear from right ear, out from left ear
(meaning of proverb: a person does not accept at all on your advise)

>>Like a candle, burning itself to light the people
(meaning of proverb: someone has sacrificed himself just to help others)

>>To bend a bamboo, while it's still a shoot
(meaning of proverb: If you want to teach your child, it is better to do when he is still young)

>>Lose when you buy, win when you wear
(meaning of proverb: even though the product is expensive when you buy, but it is lasting and worth to use)

>>If you speak in the daytime, look around; if you speak at night, listen carefully
(meaning of proverb: we should speak carefully at most of the times)

>>Fish glisten in the water and it is already clear whether they are male of female
(meaning of proverb: people will know what someone is trying to do)

>>Dare because you are in the right; fear because you are in the wrong
(meaning of proverb: you should not worry, if you do the right things)

>>If it is heavy, we carry it together on our shoulders; if it is light, we carry it together in our hands
(meaning of proverb: if everybody cooperates, the job is become easy)

>>Clapping with one hand will not make a noise
(meaning of proverb:two or more individual are involved in a particular occation)

>>Let it be slow as long as it's safe; a mountain won't run if you chase it.
(meaning of proverb: sometimes it is better don't rush to complete a atask)

>>If your fishing line is only a hand span long, don't try to measure how deep the sea is
(meaning of proverb: everyone should act in accordance with their ability)

>>The lot of a coconut hust is to float; the lot of a stone is to sink
(meaning of proverb: If you are lucky, you will get or win)

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